Which Cover Works Best?

I’m changing the cover of my children’s book, A Knock at the Door. Do you prefer the old cover, on the left, or the new one (white)? Please click on one of the buttons below, and feel free to add a comment if you like.

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Which cover do you like best?

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  1. Mike Leslie

    Not sure about the half fish?

    • Brenda Dondo

      Hi Helen
      I like both ….the brown one just shows more interest to me…more inviting …the white to clean if that makes sense lol

  2. Anonymous

    Is the second one going to say Book 2?

  3. Gwendolyn Jane Gallis

    The brown cover looks more mysterious while the white one reminds me of a children’s book cover.

  4. Christopher P Weber

    one is gold, one is silver…..one means love, and so does the other. one means “I MISS YOU”, but so does the other.
    One means WEBER LOVES YOU, the other means CHRIS LOVES YOU.

    but it is June in Palm Beach FL, so it is good to stay inside and on the computer. Don’t assume everyone wants to be outside in June….that is being Provincial, and it is beneath you. I am saddened by that attitude, but don’t know how to combat it.

  5. Christopher P Weber

    seriously, i voted for the lighter one, but was the only vote so far, outnumbered 10 to 1.
    it just seems cleaner than the brown one.
    but vox populi says otherwise

  6. Linda

    Both look appealing though the brown cover better captures my attention.

  7. Ruth Binney

    I think the white one is more cheerful and frindly.

  8. Juliet

    I think the white is probably more modern … and clearer for reading !
    I have a children’s book my father brought back from America in 1947 which has similar colouring to your first cover.

  9. Juliet

    Correction for email 🙄

  10. Tony Austin

    White one is clearer to read.

  11. Jeanette LINEHAN

    Hard to choose H. Both look great. But the white looks cleaner and jumps off the screen more and might be more appealing to kids…

  12. Cathy Goss

    The white one is more current. It is modern and cheerful, captures the eye for the purpose of the contents, which are congruent with a fresh approach. I do like the brown one yet I find the freshness of the white suits the lessons contained.
    To me the antique look fits more traditional story telling. I am eager to own a copy! Thanks for seeing those appealing stories all the way through to publishing! They are entertaining, disarming and empowering all at once!

  13. Claire

    I just find that the coulours are brighter on a white/silvery background! The titles are interesting! Go for it!!!!

  14. John Adam

    Sort of think the old cover works due to the quirky nature of the story. The crisp white one while it might outshine the old cover is out of sync and much to sanitary in nature if that makes any sense.


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