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Return to Kaitlin

A hard-drinking young man looks for work in the north, finds trouble.

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The Money Tree

A money-growing family face the Secret Service and their neighbors.

Ang Tak

An amateur golfer and his caddie at the Masters.

Owen's Day

A lonely man saves a child then disappears.

Cruising to Danger

A girl and her grandmother tangle with a Mexican drug ring.

Finding Marius

A young woman and a boy face elude his drug lord uncle.

About the Author

Helen Yeomans fell into fiction writing by accident while exploring the film industry as a source of editing work. Owen’s Day was her first novel, following on the success of her best-selling The Christmas Carol Handbook. Her children’s book, A Knock at the Door, was a silver medal winner in the 2015 Wishing Shelf Awards.

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