My Story

I used to be an editor. Working for publishers in Toronto and later in London, I edited nonfiction, before adding a year at McKinsey & Co and then returning to Vancouver to start my own firm.

Writing fiction happened by accident, while I was looking at the film industry as a possible source of editing contracts. I tried my hand at writing a script and fell in love with dialogue. Half-hour scripts, full-length screenplays, comedy, drama, I tried everything.

After only a few nibbles from the film business, I decided to have a crack at a novel. My first, Owen’s Day, attracted interest from a midwestern newspaper as a winter serialization. But they wanted more cuts than I was prepared to make so I declined.

A long-standing love of golf and the Masters led to my second book, Ang Tak. The story of a young man of Sherpa and British descent, the title means “Little Tiger.”

The Money Tree came next, developed from a script I’d written years before. It drew on my editing experience for clients in the financial sector.

Return to Kaitlin was based on my nephew’s nightmarish experience in a town in northern Alberta. And my collection of stories for children, A Knock at the Door, was assembled and produced after years of searching for the right illustrator.

Kaleidoscope, a suspense series, will be launched in September 2020 with the publication of Peril in Puerto Vallarta,  set on a cruise ship.

Born in England and raised in Canada, I love movies and am currently immersed in old British movies on YouTube. I enjoy helping kids with their reading in our library’s Reading Buddies program, and I golf every chance I get.


Return to Kaitlin

A hard-drinking young man is kicked out of university, goes north to find work but finds more trouble instead.

The Money Tree

A money-growing family must put aside their disagreements to withstand attacks from the Secret Service and their neighbors.

Ang Tak

An amateur golfer with an explosive temper struggles to compete at the Masters.

Cruising to Danger

A girl and her grandmother tangle with a Mexican drug ring.

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