My Story

I used to be an editor. Working for publishers in Toronto and later in London, I edited nonfiction, before adding a year at McKinsey & Co and then returning to Vancouver to start my own firm.

Writing fiction happened by accident, while I was looking at the film industry as a possible source of editing contracts. I tried my hand at writing a script and fell in love with dialogue. Half-hour scripts, full-length screenplays, comedy, drama, I tried everything.

After only a few nibbles from the film business, I decided to have a crack at a novel. My first, Owen’s Day, attracted interest from a midwestern newspaper as a winter serialization. But they wanted more cuts than I was prepared to make so I declined.

A long-standing love of golf and the Masters led to my second book, Ang Tak. The story of a young man of Sherpa and British descent, the title means “Little Tiger.”

The Money Tree came next, developed from a script I’d written years before. It drew on my editing experience for clients in the financial sector.

Return to Kaitlin was based on my nephew’s nightmarish experience in a town in northern Alberta. And my collection of stories for children, A Knock at the Door, was assembled and produced after years of searching for the right illustrator.

A Mexican vacation was the basis for my 2020 action-adventure thriller, Cruising to Danger.  A sequel, Finding Marius, was published in November 2021. 

Born in England and raised in Canada, I love movies and am currently immersed in old British movies on YouTube. I enjoy helping kids with their reading in our library’s Reading Buddies program, and I golf every chance I get.


Return to Kaitlin

A hard-drinking young man looks for work in the north, finds trouble.

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The Money Tree

A money-growing family face the Secret Service and their neighbors.

Ang Tak

An amateur golfer and his caddie at the Masters.

Owen's Day

A lonely man saves a child then disappears.

Cruising to Danger

A girl and her grandmother tangle with a Mexican drug ring.

Finding Marius

A young woman and a boy face elude his drug lord uncle.

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