A Secret Family Harvest

SMART, COMPLEX . . . at its heart, a tale about a family drawing close and solving problems together.


People say money doesn’t grow on trees.
Those people never met the Frisbys.


The Frisby family is … unusual. But your family would be, too, if they had an actual money tree, growing hundred-dollar bills that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

It sounds great, but having a money tree causes more than a few problems as the Frisbys argue about what to do with their crop. The tree is George’s pride and joy. Jane worries about the effect it’ll have on their kids. Teen daughter Daffy is willing to risk hyperinflation to share with the poor. And twelve-year-old Mike just wants to figure out how to franchise the money tree; maybe use it to invest in bitcoin and get some real profits going.

Making life even more complicated, the Treasury Department has caught wind of the bogus bills, and has sent two of its best and brightest to find the “counterfeiters” and bring them to justice.

No problem, right? The Frisbys just have to figure out how to evade the Secret Service, avoid causing a global economic collapse, placate their neighbors and – most of all – keep their family together in a sometimes-strange world where everything turns on their secret harvest.…

Fans of domestic thrillers with international connections will love this brilliantly humorous story of love, life, family, growing up, and how secrets affect all of them for the worse – even in a world where money really does grow on trees. Tap the link, grab your copy, and get ready for all the fun that comes with A Secret Family Harvest!


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ISBN: 978-0-9949098-5-5
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