“…A WORLD not many of us are familiar with, [packed] with adventure, heartbreak, and redemption.”


Oil rig jobs are dirty, dangerous—and highly paid,


which is why 19-year-old Tyler Hogan heads for the oil fields rather than stay at home and work for minimum wage.

Ty’s ego has had a bruising during the past few months. His world fell apart when his girlfriend left him. He nearly hit someone while driving drunk, and at the end of his first semester he flunked out of university. Now he’s determined to make good, to earn the money for his education, to return home a hero.

Ty’s odyssey takes him through the communities of northern Canada, home to the ten percent of the population that doesn’t live along the Canada-US border. “Things are different here,” someone tells him. Ty learns just how different—and how different he, too, becomes in adversity.

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The Gizmo on the Dash

Bungee Jumping for Love

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