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The Sequel to Cruising to Danger

“The action is non stop and the story well written with a diversity of characters, both good and bad.”


Panic on the Prairie

At the height of the pandemic, 10-year-old Marius Diaz contacts his friend Erin McLean. His adoptive mother Yolande has died of Covid-19 and he’s on his own in a Colorado town. His uncle, drug lord Michael Diaz, is currently in jail awaiting trial, while Erin’s DEA lover, Ledge, is intercepting Diaz’s drug shipments into locked-down Europe.

Erin joins Marius, planning to relocate him and return home after quarantine. Diaz’s men find them and so begins a cat-and-mouse game across seven states, as Erin and Marius fight off one attempted abduction after another.

The witnesses against Diaz have died, like Yolande, or disappeared, and the drug lord is now free. He wants his nephew back and Erin killed—and he’s desperate to find a buyer for his cocaine. Can their lives be saved and Diaz’s cocaine trade eliminated for good?



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