Letters live at home when they’re little

. . . then they join a word.

A Knock at the Door is a collection of tales that reveal the personalities of the letters that make up our words, and the spellings that result. Correct spelling sometimes evolves in a way not described in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The five stories in this volume are:

  • The Story of NIGHT
  • The HALF-Trained L
  • The QUIET Strangers
  • PIGEON Panic
  • The Beginning of BOUGH

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An early review:


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from "The Story of Night"

Once upon a time, NIGHT was spelled with just three letters. It was spelled exactly the way it sounded: nuh—eye—tuh.


The three letters were good friends. They went everywhere together, especially at NIT. But during the day, they lived in a little house in a lane.

night-captionedOne evening, they had an unexpected visit. It was summer. The sun had set and N, I and T were bustling about getting ready for work when they heard a knock at the door. N went to open it (she always went first, and I always followed her, and T always followed I), and there on the doormat stood two letters: G and H. They had walked a tremendous long way and they were tired and dusty and footsore. Plus, it was way past their bedtime.

“Please,” said H, “is there somewhere we could sleep?”

“It’s way past our bedtime,” added G.

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