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Mailing rates: Update

I wrote last December about the cost of mailing my not-very-big paperback novel, The Money Tree, to Canadian destinations: $11.50. I also mentioned I’d be exploring USPO options and last week I did just that, taking ten books across the border to check out US rates. The books were going to individual winners of a […]

Gulf Island Memory

Off the west coast of British Columbia lie the Gulf Islands, hundreds of them. The smallest have a population of none, or one plus guests, while the larger islands are home to hundreds or even thousands of permanent residents. The Islands’ climate has been described by the people at Environment Canada, incorrigible optimists all, as […]

Carbs Make You Hungry

Four years ago I lost 55 pounds and since then I’ve been maintaining my weight. That’s a staggering assertion for me. I’ve never maintained my weight in my life. I’ve either ignored it and eaten what I wanted, which was fine until I was 17 because I was growing and who knew from weight? But […]

Sticker Shock

I hustled off to the post office last week to mail copies of my new novel, The Money Tree, to assorted bodies in Canada and the UK. The cost per book by cheapest rate was $11.50. This is a paperback weighing about 30 percent less than my last novel, which I was able to send […]

Can Bitcoin Last?

I’ve been following the progress of the new digital currency, Bitcoin, with interest because its virtues are woven into my new novel, The Money Tree. Nothing makes a novel seem stale quicker than a current event that runs contrary to the plot, and because Bitcoin could simply disappear from the Internet landscape, I was tempted […]

The Annual Rotary Book Sale

I spent $11 today on two books: a 1909 Chatterbox in fair condition ($9) and the second instalment of Alexander McCall Smith’s Number One Detective Agency. I missed out on the Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition) for $5 because I wasn’t sure which edition I already have. It turned out to be the 13th, […]

Selective Vision

I sent my latest manuscript off for editing a couple of weeks ago. I know it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I was fairly confident of getting a glowing appraisal from the dear old editor. When her email arrived I opened it with alacrity and was devastated to read that she didn’t like […]

Women and Augusta National: Same old same old

(This article was written in May of 2012, following publication of my novel Ang Tak, set at the Masters) Another sexist tempest at the Masters, this time over the CEO of IBM. The company is a long-time supporter of the tournament and every CEO since the world was young has been invited to join Augusta […]

The Fifteenth Club

You’re on the par 3 seventh, water all down the right side. To compensate, you aim well left; sometimes that helps you to stay dry. Not today. Another ball gone west. The 370-yard par 4 sixteenth is the easiest hole on the course. Birdies are not uncommon here. Today, however, you miss a short birdie […]