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Discouraging Volunteers

Libraries are always in need of more money, and volunteers who get together to raise funds on their behalf are known as Friends of the Library. In my town, the Friends have raised more than $120,000 for our libraries during the last 25 years. There are Friends organizations across Canada and the US, but they […]

Return to Kaitlin: Goodreads Giveway

I had a lot of fun with a giveaway for my last book, The Money Tree. This time, the contest runs until publication day, after which ten lucky readers will receive a free copy. Sign up on Goodreads.   Goodreads Book Giveaway Return to Kaitlin by Helen Yeomans Giveaway ends June 15, 2015. See the […]

Return to Kaitlin: ready for review

With publication day coming up (way too fast, if you ask me) on June 15, I’ve been busy mailing out advance copies and ebooks of Return to Kaitlin. I’m hoping to gain reviews in newspapers and industry magazines, on GoodReads, and also on book-review blogs. After publication day, reviews can also appear on the retailer […]

Review: Medicine Walk –by Richard Wagamese

I loved Medicine Walk. It takes place in the interior of British Columbia, in the northern Nechako region. It’s the story of a teenager, Frank, an angry 16-year-old who knows nothing of his mother and has been let down again and again by his drunkard father, Eldon. Frank lives with an old man on a […]

Review: . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang –by Micki Pelosi

Spanning more than fifty years, …And the Whippoorwill Sang is Micki Pelosi’s memoir of family life. Married at 17, she and her husband Butch raised their six kids on a shoestring, living mostly in the eastern US. What sets this memoir apart is the warmth and wit of its author, who paints a wonderful picture […]

Whose Land Is It, Anyway?

A few years ago, I needed a filler job to pay the bills, so I hired on at a local customer service call centre. I was assigned to a contract for Highly Personal printers. My job was to help people who phoned in with problems or questions about their printers. One day I took a […]

Review: The Orenda –by Joseph Boyden

The Orenda has riveting characters and a fascinating portrayal of village life. I loved the Iroquois girl, Snow Falls, and the Huron chief, Bird. I was less enchanted with the Jesuit, Christophe, though one couldn’t doubt his sincerity and depth of belief. The story, it has to be said, is also bloodsoaked and brutal, and […]

Review: The Silent Wife –by A.S.A. Harrison

Jodi and Todd have been together for twenty years when over the space of a few months he leaves her for another woman and, as we learn on page two of The Silent Wife, she proceeds to turn into a killer. Todd is an entrepreneur who gentrifies old buildings, Jodi is a psychologist and they […]

Finding the Right Book Cover

I’m an ignoramus when it comes to art. I can’t even claim to know what I like: sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. This was a problem when it came to my latest book, Return to Kaitlin. I had no idea, none at all, what the cover should look like. I’ve been fortunate in […]

Review: Revival –by Stephen King

I’m a lapsed Stephen King fan. I read The Stand and Cujo and The Dead Zone when I was young but found Misery and The Shining too frightening. When I was looking for reading material for my vacation, I grabbed a Grisham and a King (Revival) and wondered at the time if the latter was […]