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Publication day: A Knock at the Door

Here at last! A Knock at the Door is now up and running and available for purchase on Amazon. Other retailers will, I hope, follow within a couple of weeks. Right now, I’m just trying to get the little book moved out of the “facts of life” category (don’t ask; I have no idea) and […]

Two children’s books by Maggie M. Larche

Review: Charlie Bingham Gets Clocked Charlie Bingham Gets Clocked is a great example of a tale spun from small beginnings. Nothing much happens, but you’d never know it. Fast-paced and funny, it takes place during a school day in the life of hero Charlie. The story revolves around a lizard and an antique alarm clock, […]

Review: Life After Life –By Kate Atkinson

What if you could keep reliving your life until you got it right? That’s the premise of Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. Set in England in the early 20th century, it’s the story of Ursula Todd and her family: parents, brothers, sisters, servants and dotty aunt. Ursula has difficulty getting through day one, as […]

Cover Sketch for A Knock at the Door

Here’s a sketch by artist Ivan Zanchetta of the front cover for my collection of stories from the world of letters. To see a larger version, just click on the image. A Knock at the Door will be out in paperback and e-book in November 2015. Ivan provided the cover for Return to Kaitlin, earlier this year. […]

Book Promotion: An investment that goes on and on . . .

One thing I’ve learned during the past few months of setting up and promoting my site: it’s a black hole for time. I subscribed to Nick Stephenson’s course, Your First 10,000 Readers. Nick’s a stand up guy, in my opinion, with valuable ideas on promotion and an ethical mindset. But he uses videos for everything. […]

Review: The Octopus Barber –by Joseph Kelly

This is a delightful collection of poems on subjects ranging from teamwork (one of my favorites) and remembering the club password, to gadgets and the history of a stone. “A Kiss” is priceless, turning an old storyline on its head. More thoughtful entries, like “The Tinest Ant and the Giantest Bear,” give children something to […]

Review: Whip Eye –by Geoffrey Saign

The story of an unhappy girl befriended by an unusual parrot, this first installment in The Whip Eye Chronicles moves at breakneck speed. Samantha Green and her neighbor Jake try to keep their friend Charlie out of the clutches of the villainous Magnar. Sam is still grieving the loss of her mother a year ago. […]

Review: The Buried Giant –by Kazuo Ishiguro

  The Buried Giant is an allegory about love, war and vengeance. Set in medieval times, it’s the story of an elderly couple and their journey to find their son. Along the way they meet Gawain, one of King Arthur’s knights, a Saxon warrior and a boy. They also encounter ogres, pixies and a dragon. […]

Cruising Along

The night before my interview with Pastry Chef Vinay Myakal, White Chocolate Cheesecake appeared on the menu at dinner. Of course I chose it—indeed, in view of my interview I felt it my duty to eat both this featured dessert as well as a second, different, offering just to be absolutely sure the quality was […]

Are Fossil Fuels Passe?

My new novel, Return to Kaitlin, is set in the oil patch. Yet the G7 has just announced the end of the century as the deadline for getting out of fossil fuels. So oil’s passe, isn’t it? I wonder. We need energy, lots of it. We need it in the developed world and even more […]