Review: Whip Eye –by Geoffrey Saign

whipeyeThe story of an unhappy girl befriended by an unusual parrot, this first installment in The Whip Eye Chronicles moves at breakneck speed. Samantha Green and her neighbor Jake try to keep their friend Charlie out of the clutches of the villainous Magnar. Sam is still grieving the loss of her mother a year ago.

Estranged from her father, Samanth gradually comes to trust Jake as their adventures first strain then strengthen their friendship. This for me was the most satisfying aspect of the story. I also liked the part played by the various animals. I did find the back story hard to follow at times, especially the differences between the Great Ones, Originals and Lessers. But all in all, this is a book I think preteens and teens alike would enjoy.

My Rating: 4 stars 

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