Mary Stewart: A Fine Old Storyteller

The Moonspinners/Nine Coaches Waiting/The Ivy Tree/Madam, Will You Talk?The Moonspinners/Nine Coaches Waiting/The Ivy Tree/Madam, Will You Talk? by Mary Stewart

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I enjoyed all Mary Stewart’s early books, and some of her historical novels. She had a deceptively simple style that pulled you in and allowed her to work quite effectively on your emotions, while being light and literate and entertaining. My favourite of all her books was always Madam Will You Talk?. It was probably the first one I read and I loved the lazy sidekick and the small boy (like her heroines I’ve always had a soft spot for small boys) and the car chase. But all the books in this edition are good, as I recall, and I plan to revisit them this summer.

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I was surprised to read of Mary Stewart’s death–I guess because I thought she’d died years ago. But she lived to a fine old age (97), and I hope she enjoyed her books as much as her audience did.

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